Scripted and unscripted speech

Scripted speech:  Law and Order

D:             That’s why we have experts . . . [ cut to sign, then back to courtroom]
E1:            When Megan takes on the personality of Bobby she’s in an altered mental state. She tries to cope with the outside world.
P:             So, in your opinion Bobby doesn’t exist?
E1:             Bobby is the direct reflection of Megan’s inner feelings, memories, fears. The fact that she’s given him a name doesn’t make him any more real.
P:             And would Bobby’s testimony be reliable?
E1:             No. Like testimony derived through hypnosis or truth serum it’s elicited from a hyper-suggestible state.
P:            Thank you.
D:            When Megan switches, she’s not suddenly rendered unconscious, is she?
E1:            No.
P:            No. Megan just takes on a new identity, which can walk and talk like anyyone else.
E1:            That’s correct.
D:            So Bobby . . . could go to the movies, drive a car . . . or even commit a crime.
E1:            But it would be Megan doing all those things. She just believes it’s Bobby.
D:            But there’s no reason why Bobby couldn’t tell us about it, is there, doctor?

E1:            In theory, no.

[dissolve to new expert witness]

E2:            Bobby comes out during the dissociative process. He takes both physical and psychological control of Megan’s body.
D:            Is Bobby aware of what’s happening to him?
E2:            Bobby is just like any of us, a functioning person with all of his faculties.
D:            Bobby has a memory?
E2:            Oh yes.
D:             And if we could bring Bobby out, he’d be able to convey those memories to us.
E2:            Certainly.
D:             Thank you, doctor.
P:            Would you characterize Bobby as a protector personality?
E2:            Well, that’s the typical role of the male personality in the female patients.
P:             If Megan can’t handle the stress of a particular situation, Bobby does the coping for her.
E2:            Yes.
P:            Bobby would do whatever it took to protect Megan.
E2:            That’s his role, as long as it helps Megan.
P:            So . . . . He would even lie for her, wouldn’t he?
E2:            I suppose he might.

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Unscripted speech:  O. J. Simpson Criminal Trial

D:            Uh, now let’s turn to, uh . . . [what’s this?] . . . H . . . uh, . . . [aside] Now, uh, the . . . there are other kinds of precautions that one takes uh in terms of processing samples for purposes of forensic DNA typing. Aside from the ones we’ve previously reviewed in terms of which kinds of sample one would handle at different times in different places.
E:            Yes.
D:            No, uh let’s uh start first with uh aerosols.
E:            Okay.
D:            Uhm, now, one kind of aerosol we’ve already discussed uhm is the kind of spray that can occur when one opens up a tube.
E:            Yes, if one has not spun it down, that’s a concern because you can get liquid accumulation under the top of the cap.
D:            Uh hunh, and . . . and this would apply also to uh one of these, uh, lavender top tubes that contains reference samples?
E:            Well, they’re under vacuum, so yes, that’s a concern when you open one of those for the first time.
D:             And then you open one of those for the first time, uh, one has to be quite careful about the aerosol of whole blood from the reference tube.
E:            Yes.
D:            And in pouring that out, let’s say onto one of those uh uh paper cards one has to take great care.
E:            Well, one has to be careful about what else is in the laboratory, yes.
D:            Now aside from aerosols from liquids, can one have aerosols from dried biological particles?
E:            I … I don’t know if they’re properly called aerosols but you can have for example powdered blood, something like that, you have to be concerned about that.
D:            Powdered blood would be small particles of dried blood.
E:            Yes.

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