Here's a list of the new words you've created for 2012:

  1. kairangement, 'the factors that go into a piece of writing'
  2. retractronym, 'an acronym which has had its expanded meaning expunged, a pseudo-acronym'
  3. misshake, 'a failed or poorly-coordinated handshake' also v., to misshake.
  4. haterade, 'a drink that is drunk by haters to fuel their hatred'
  5. perf, 'a casual way of saying perfect.'
  6. gether, 'significant other'
  7. tipability, 'capable of being tipped, toppled'
  8. cruddy-buddy, 'a substitute for swear words, euphemism'
  9. invascinate, 'to assimilate or immerse into something'
  10. dru, 'drive-thru'
  11. sonicident, 'so loud that it makes one's ears ring'
  12. noodly, 'an extremely mispronounced word or sentence due to poor coordination of the mouth'
  13. drass, 'drunk-ass'
  14. awkwadorable, 'something that is both awkward and adorable'
  15. cba, 'cannot be bothered to accomplish'
  16. contrachrono, 'a relation of time which is neither before, nor after, nor simultaneous, but which describes two time states which cannot be related in this manner'
  17. guantoric, 'overly confident and stuck up'
  18. shog, 'shuffle+jog'
  19. linner, 'meal eaten between lunch and dinner'