Old English: Selections from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle


449.  Her Martianus  7  Ualentinus       onfengon rice.                      7 rixadon  .vii. winter.  

      Here Martianus & Valentinus     seized (the) kingdom.               And ruled 7 winters.


7 on þeora dagum gelaðode   Wyrtgeorn          Angel  cin hider.

and in those days invited         Vortigern  (the) Angle race hither.


7 hi þa comon          on þrim ceolum hider to Brytene

and they then came in three ships      hither to Britain


on þam stede      Heopwines fleot.

to the harbor           Ebbsfleet.


Se cyning Wyrtgeorn gef heom land on suðan eastan þissum lande.

The king Vortigern   gave them land in the south east of this lande.


wiððan þe               hi sceoldon feohton      wið      Pyhtas.

on condition that        they should fight      against (the) Picts.


He þa fuhton        wið Pyhtas.                7     heofdon sige        swa hwer swa   heo comon.

They then fought against the Picts. and (they) had victory          wheresoever    they came.


Hy    þa                 sendon to Angle,           heton            sendon   mara fultum.

With this then (they) sent to the Angles,    ordered (them) to send  more aid.


7         heton            heom  secgan   Brytwalana    nahtscipe.

and (they) ordered      them  to tell  of the Britons  worthlessness.


7      þes landes cysta.

and of the land's virtues.


He      þa     sona          sendon hider     mare weored  þam  oðrum to fultume.

They then immediately    sent      hither   more army      the others to help.


þa comon þa men    of  þrim    megðum  Germanie.

Then came the men from three   tribes  of Germania.


Of Ald Seaxum.     of Anglum.    of Iotum.

Of Old Saxons.     Of Angles.    Of Jutes.



991.  Her wæs Gypeswic  gehergod.

          Here was Ipswich  harried.


7 æfter þam    swyðe  raðe  wæs  Brihtnoþ   ealdorman    ofslægan  æt Mældune.

& after that      very soon     was   Brythnoth  alderman        slain      at  Maldon.


7 on þam geare man gerædde  þt  man geald     ærest  gafol  Deniscan mannum.

& in that year     man agreed     that man paid      first   tribute (to) Danish men.


for þam mycclan brogan    þe  hi     worhtan  be þam sæ  riman.

for the      great    terror    that they wrought   by the sea coast.