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t e s t i m o n i a l s

Brian Cremins
A piece on the 2003 MLA Convention in San Diego (for Student Affairs Online). Cremins has a keen eye focused on the everyday, things to keep in mind if you want to stay sane at such a convention.

Gideon Lewis-Kraus (for The Believer magazine)
A piece on the 2003 MLA Convention in San Diego: Hunter S. Thompson meets Language Scholars in Suits. Reading this piece, you get the clear sense that intellectual knowledge production is going on despite the MLA's annual convention. "The morning panels begin at 8:15, but we sleep in; I'm told the morning panels tend to be ill-attended, as are the night panels, and most of the afternoon panels, as well."

Invisible Adjunct
In case you weren't following Invisble Adjunct's blog (offline in Spring 2004), a quick quip on the annual convention.

a d v i c e / r e s o u r c e s

Academic Career Wiki
A place to find/compose advice about the job search. Most useful on this site (in past years) has been the "have you heard?" page on which job seekers publicize (anonymously) news about which schools have made interview calls, invited candidates to campus, and made job offers.

Anne Donadey
An incredibly thorough list of things to think about at every stage in the process.

Philip Gerard (written for the AWP)
Another "how-to" covering the basics, from what to wear to what to say. Gerard writes "In that case, you'll have about half an hour inside that interview room to form an opinion about where you want to live & work for the next several years. So pay attention."

Peter Hess
Useful advice on what to expect, look and plan for – aimed at job-seekers in Germanics. Hess also has an outstanding list of questions that demystify the interview process.

Herbert Lederer
Do's and don't for both the interviewer and candidate. It's refreshing to realize that everyone at the table has a role, and you're probably not the only one who is new to it.
A comprehensive set of links and resources designed with the critical communication studies scholar in mind (but useful for others).

American Studies at U of Maryland—Job Resources
Checklist and potential interview questions.

l i s t i n g s

Chronicle of Higher Ed (US)
H-Net (US)
The Guardian (UK) (UK)
Association of Commonwealth Universities (UK)
Campus Review (AUS)
University Affairs (CA)
CAUT (Canada Assoc. of Univ. Teachers)
Accute (CA)
Academic 360 (Links to the above and other resources)
Career Frames (Advice for ex-pats)

Community Career Center :)
Idealist's Links (for jobs worldwide)
Non-Profit Career Network
Opportunity Knocks
Chronicle of Philanthropy

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