Bio for Spencer Schaffner

I live and work in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where I'm an associate professor of English at the University of Illinois. I am affiliated with the Center for Writing Studies, the Illinois Informatics Institute and PhD Program, the Program in Science and Technology Studies, the Odyssey Project, and the Sustainability Studies Initiative in the Humanities.

  —> BA, U. of Colorado @ Boulder (1993)
  —> MA, Boston College (1997)
  —> PhD, University of Washingon (2005). My PhD is in the area of English language and rhetoric.

Current Research
  —> links between writing, shame, and punishment
  —> protest and activism
  —> writing and the law
  —> writing and medicine

Current Hobbies
  —> DIY projects
  —> gardening
  —> walking

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            Department of English @ UIUC
            Center for Writing Studies @ UIUC

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