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—> I teach undergraduate courses @ the University of Illinois about the rhetoric of contemporary protest, writing for the web, and writing technologies. I also teach future teachers to be the best language arts teachers they can possibly be.

—> I teach graduate courses in the English Department and Center for Writing Studies about such topics as the rhetoric of protest and social action, digital scholarship, rhetorical theory, discourse analysis, and environmental rhetoric.

—> From 2010-2012, I taught a class called "Literature" (focused on graphic narratives) in the Odyssey Project @ UIUC.

—> In 2012 I taught two workshops at the Danville Correctional Center through the Educational Justice Project.

—> I regularly run workshops for teachers in the Chicago Public Schools; the workshops focus teaching techniques for using graphic narratives in language arts classes. Past workshops have been at the Newberry Library, Univeristy of Chicago Lab School, and Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Upcoming Courses

fall 2017
—> English 481, Composition Theory and Practice
"Teaching writing is always labor intensive, often challenging, and occasionally terrifying. In this course, we will explore a core set of questions that inform the teaching of writing in our schools: Why teach writing? What is academic writing good for? Is there such a thing as good writing? Do effective writers gain any power in contemporary society? This course is designed with future language arts teachers in mind, so you'll leave the class ready to do such things as: design compelling assignments that challenge your students, respond effectively to student writing, create thoughtful group writing assignments, support various forms of multimodal writing, and work with writers who challenge what you know and how you think. Students who take this class should be prepared to question how you were taught to write in high school. Students should also be prepared to write in new ways." ... syllabus online August 2017

—> English 505, Writing in a Digital World
"In this graduate seminar, we will explore what it means to read and write online: on blogs, eBooks, review sites, message boards, networked games, and the vast array of social media. We will discuss what people do on social media giants (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube) as well as some smaller-scale social media sites (such as Ravelry and SoundCloud). Students in the class will read a mix of popular criticism and academic scholarship in fields focused on writing, rhetoric, discourse, literacy, and digital communication. Students from across campus are encouraged to apply, as this class is interdisciplinary. You don't need to be a techie to take this class, though techies are welcome. Students are encouraged to bring their perspectives, personal experiences, and methodologies to this class. Part of the course will involve learning to code a simple website in basic HTML. The culminating assignment will involve conducting a small-scale study that results in a conference-style talk and piece of born-digital scholarship." ... syllabus online August 2017

Current Courses

—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2017)
—> ENGL 584: Protest Rhetoric (spring 2017)

Previous Courses @ UIUC

—> RHET 233: Rhetorical Tactics and Protest (fall 2016)
—> WRIT/INFO 303: Writing Across Media (fall 2016)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2014)
—> FAA 110: Exploring Arts and Creativity (spring 2014)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (fall 2013)
—> ENGL 593: Professional Seminar, Teaching of Rhetoric (fall 2012)
—> ENGL 505: Writing Studies I (fall 2012)
—> Odyssey Project: Literature (fall 2012)
—> ENGL 380/INFO 390: Writing in a Digital World (online summer 2012)
—> ENGL 584: Rhetoric of Environmental Movements (spring 2012)
—> ENGL 505: Writing Studies I (fall 2011)
—> Odyssey Project: Literature (fall 2011)
—> ENGL 380/INFO 390: Writing in a Digital World (spring 2010)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2010)
—> ENGL 505: Writing Studies I (fall 2010)
—> Odyssey Project: Literature (fall 2010)
—> FAA 199: Art, Creativity, Diversity (fall 2010)
—> ENGL 584: Writing for the Web (spring 2009)
—> ENGL 300: Graphic Novels (spring 2008)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2008)
—> ENGL 482: Writing Technologies (fall 2007)
—> ENGL 582: Genre Theory (fall 2007)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2007)
—> ENGL 506: Discourse Analysis (spring 2007)
—> ENGL 482: Writing Technologies (fall 2006)
—> ENGL 584: The Rhetoric of Social Engagement (fall 2006)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (spring 2006)
—> ENGL 582: Texts & Environmental Encounter (spring 2006)
—> ENGL 482: Writing Technologies (fall 2005)
—> ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice (fall 2005)

2001-2005: Courses Taught @ the University of Washington

—> ENGL 104/105: Introductory Composition
—> ENGL 111: Composition—Literature
—> ENGL 131: Composition—Exposition
—> ENGL 567: Approaches to Teaching Composition (TA)