ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice

fall 2005
prof. spencer schaffner
mon / wed / fri --> 2:00
lincoln hall --> 116
email spencer --> spencers@uiuc.edu

SYLLABUS (ms word)

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T H E O R Y:

history of written composition: composition in American colleges and universities (1860-present), composition and social movements (post civil war era, women's rights, the GI bill, the civil rights movement, transnational multi-culturalism)

theory of written composition: process, expressivism, cognitivism, rhetorical pedagogy, collaboration, cultural studies and composition, critical pedagogy, emancipatory pedagogy, feminist pedagogy, basic writing, multi-modal composition, alternative composition

P R A C T I C E:

creating assignments: instructional scaffolding, targeted goals, assignment composition (tenor, register, style), process(es), formulaic writing, fun/hot topics, e.texts, alt dis

responding to student writing: written (minimal) response, error, rubrics and stated expectations, organizing your own work, targeting specific goals, software you can use, fairness

being in the classroom: mini lectures, group work, conferencing, peer review, using the space of the classroom, eye contact and bodies in interaction

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