ENGL 482: Writing Technologies

fall 2005
prof. spencer schaffner
mon / wed / fri --> 12:00
english bldg --> 304
email spencer --> spencers@uiuc.edu

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The course catalog has this description of our class:

Examines the relationship of computer technology to the larger field of writing studies. Topics include a historical overview of computers and other writing technologies; current instructional practices and their relation to various writing theories; research on word processing, computer-mediated communication, and hypermedia; and the computer as a research tool. [...]
We will keep to that path, theoretically examining and practically developing how writing instruction is inextricably involved with technological decisions and choices. By the end of the course, students will present an online project.portfolio exploring a broad range of topics relating to "writing technologies."

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primary elements

historical overview: inscription technologies, transmission technologies, wired technologies

mechanically produced paper texts: typewriting, word processing, typographic and document design

mechanically produced electronic texts: webwriting, image manipulation, multimodal composition

online community building and collaboration: edu.blogging, message boards, the genre of email

 M A I N        A S S I G N M E N T S        L I N K S         P O L I C I E S        S P E N C E R ' S    H O M E P A G E