M A I N        A S S I G N M E N T S        W E B . B O A R D         L I N K S         P O L I C I E S        S Y L L A B U S      

ENGL 481: Composition Theory and Practice

 uiuc, spring 2005
  mon / wed / fri --> 1:00-1:50
 engl bldg --> 127
 prof. spencer schaffner, metaspencer.com

Course Description:

At the foundation of this course is an overview, engagement, and questioning of how the teaching of academic writing has been theorized and practiced.

The course will also address such topics as: the roles of invention, originality, creativity, and innovation in academic writing; how plagiarism is being redefined in a remix culture; standardized tests in K-12 coursework; formulaic writing; and authority in the classroom.

Work will include: formulaic, innovative, and collaborative writing; group presentations about "composition movies"; online discussion; a genre portfolio project.