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Bibliography and Chronology


The Young and the Evil (with Parker Tyler) (1933)


A Pamphlet of Sonnets (1936)

The Garden of Disorder (1938)

ABC's (1940)

The Overturned Lake (1941)

Poems for Painters (1945)

The Half-Thoughts, The Distances of Pain (1947)

Sleep in a Nest of Flames (1949)

Spare Parts (1966)

Silver Flower Coo (1968)

Flag of Ecstasy: Selected Poems (1972)

7 poems (1974)

Om Krishna I: Special Effects (1972)

Om Krishna II: from the Sickroom of the Walking Eagles (1981)

Om Krishna III (1982)

Emblems of Arachne (1986)



1913 - Born February 10, Brookhaven, Mississippi.

1929 - Dropout from High School, started little mag Blues, Columbus, Miss.

1931 - To Paris and the salons of Gertrude Stein, Natalie Barney, Marie-Louise Bousquet. Became friends with Man Ray, Kay Boyle, Janet Flanner, Peggy Guggenheim, Djuna Barnes and others of the Expatriate colony in Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-les-Près.

1932 - To Morocco, lured by Paul Bowles' glowing accounts. Joined there by Djuna Barnes; typed for her the novel she'd just completed, Nightwood.

1933 -T he Young and Evil, novel written in collaboration with Parker Tyler, published by Obelisk Press, Paris; banned in England and America.

1934 - Return to New York, bringing Pavel Tchelitchew. The milieu was Carl Van Vechten, Glenway Wescott, George Platt Lynes, Lincoln Kirstein, Julien Levy, Orson Welles, George Balanchine, Cummings, Ruth Ford --et al., augmented by visiting friends-from-overseas: Cecil Beaton, Leonor Fini, Hoyningen-Huene, Dali, etc.

1938 - First full-length book of poems, The Garden of Disorder, introduction by William Carlos Williams.

1940 - ABC's--poem with Joseph Cornell collage cover. Started View, which evolved into the magazine that advanced the European artists in New York (who were to influence the art scene in America): Tchelitchew, Tanguy, Ernst, Masson. View Editions, during the Forties, published first monograph on Marcel Duchamp and first book translations of André Breton's poems.

1941 - New Poems, The Overturned Lake, with Matta's title page and frontispiece.

1949 - New Poems, Sleep in a Nest of Flames, with Edith Sitwell's preface.

1952 - To Europe with Tchelitchew, constant companion since 1934 (a relationship that was to end only with Tchelitchew's death in Rome, 1957).

1955 - Thirty Images from Italy, exhibition of photographs at London's Institute of Contemporary Art.

1956 - First one-man show of paintings and drawings, Paris, catalog foreword by Jean Cocteau.

1962 - Return to U.S.A. Period of association with Pop artists and underground filmmakers.

1965 - Poem Posters, exhibition at Cordier & Ekstrom gallery, triggered color-poster explosion. Film made of this show chosen for Fourth International Avant-Garde Film Festival, Belgium.

1966 - Spare Parts - 'artist's book' produced in colorphoto-litho, Athens, Greece.

1968 - Silver Flower Coo - collage poems. (Looks "like no other book ever published in America" - Richard Kostelanetz.)

1971 - New York premier of feature film, Johnny Minotaur, 'conceived, directed and photographed by Charles Henri Ford on the Island of Crete.'

1972 - Flag of Ecstasy - Selected Poems.

1974 - The Kathmandu Experience: exhibition at the New York Cultural Center of works created in Nepal: wood sculptures, wall hangings, prints.

1976 - Postcards to Charles Henri Ford: exhibition of 108 postcards from friends over a 25-year period.

1979 - Om Krishna, volume one in a tetralogy of new poetry.

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