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Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957)

About McCarthyism

| "Communism and National Security: The Manace Emerges"--by Ellen Schrecker | "The Growth of the Anti-Communist Network"--by Ellen Schrecker | "The State Steps In: Setting the Anti-Communist Agenda"--by Ellen Schrecker | "Congressional Committees and Unfriendly Witnesses"--by Ellen Schrecker | "On Joe McCarthy"--by Richard Rovere | Telegram from Joseph McCarthy to President Harry Truman (February 11, 1950) | "Naming Names: The Social Costs of McCarthyism"--by Victor Navasky | "The Hollywood Blacklist"--by Dan Georgakas | "Blacklists and Other Economic Sanctions"--by Ellen Schrecker | "Judicial Treatment of Nonconformists"--by William O. Douglas | "The Legacy of McCarthyism"--by Ellen Schrecker | External Links |

Prepared and Compiled by Cary Nelson and Ellen Schrecker

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