Hart Crane: Miscellaneous

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Photo of Emil Opffer (circa spring or summer 1924) probably on the roof of 110 Columbia Heights, his family’s home. Brooklyn Bridge is visible in the distance.

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Hart Crane in summer 1926, on the Isle of Pines, the period during which most of the poems on The Bridge were composed.

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Hart Crane and his father, Clarence, on the doorstep of "Crane’s Canary Cottage," the restaurant that Clarence had purchased in the Cleveland suburb of Chagrin Falls. Clarence hoped Hart could be persuaded to manage the business with him. As the photo suggests, the decade-long rift between Crane and his father, occasioned by the tumultuous divorce of 1918, had suddenly and surprisingly healed. His father’s unexpected death in 1931, when Crane was in Mexico on a Guggenheim, significantly destabilized his life.

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