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A Louise Glück Bibliography

gluck1.jpg (91775 bytes)Poetry

Firstborn (New American Library, 1968)

The House on Marshland (Ecco Press, 1975)

The Garden (Antaeus, 1976)

Descending Figure (Ecco Press, 1980)

The Triumph of Achilles (Ecco Press, 1985)

Ararat (Ecco Press, 1990)

The Wild Iris (Ecco Press, 1992)

The First Four Books of Poems (Ecco Press, 1995)

Meadowlands (Ecco Press, 1996)

Vita Nova (Ecco Press, 1999)

The Seven Ages (Ecco Press, 2001)


Proofs and Theories: Essays on Poetry (Ecco Press, 1994)

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