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An Edwin Rolfe Exhibit


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Rolfe and Bern (his brother) as young children.


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Rolfe dressed for school, summer of 1917 or 1918.


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Bertha Fishman with her three sons--Eddie, Stanley, and Bern--about 1930. Photo by Leo Hurwitz.


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Pages from the Spanish Civil War training diary Rolfe kept in the summer of 1937.

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A cardboard loyalist soldier given to Rolfe on his birthday by Langston Hughes on September 7, 1937, in Madrid.
The Fascist insect is green. The soldier's leg moves up and down when a string is pulled.


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A cover to the
International Brigades newspaper VOLUNTEER FOR LIBERTY


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Paul Peters, Ernest Hemingway, and Edwin Rolfe in a New York hotel in the fall of 1940. Peters, who had been active in the theater in the 1930s, was now working for Life magazine, which was planning an article on Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls. Hemingway had asked Rolfe to help select photographs.


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Rolfe in Beverly Hills, 1952


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The Bantam paperback reprint of Rolfe's mystery novel.


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