Critical Submissions

We are excited to receive critical commentary on all aspects of modern and contemporary American poetry (including on poems and poets that are not currently represented on MAPS). MAPS has a long history of publishing original essays that for reasons of length, format, or subject matter may be more difficult to publish in more traditional journals. These essays are peer-reviewed.

MAPS also seeks to make previously published work more accessible and relevant, providing an online environment in which readings of poems, poets, and modern poetic contexts can be extended and complicated in direct relation to other modern poetry criticism. With permission from the author, we are happy to redistribute full or excerpted critical commentary (providing a link to where the full publication can be found), giving your work greater visibility.

In order to provide a current and accurate picture of modern poetry criticism, MAPS also makes available fair-use excerpts of previously published criticism relating to modern and contemporary poetry. We are happy to receive suggestions for this criticism as well (along with a copy, if available).

We will post all accepted materials and make them available for searching. We may additionally transform them (creating hypertext links to other MAPS pages, for example) in order to integrate them more fully into the site.

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