Instructions for SSN Detection: Social Security Number Detection and Remediation

Instructions for LAS Faculty and Staff

Note: See also "Clarifications and FAQs" from Joe Grohens

From Deanna Raineri, Associate Dean of LAS

Dear LAS Faculty and Staff:

As you may already be aware, the campus has embarked on a major initiative to remove sensitive data, including SSNs and credit card numbers, from faculty and staff workstations. According to the Chancellor's email of 11/13/2007:

"this program requires each faculty and staff member to search for and deal appropriately with files containing SSNs and credit card numbers, and for each unit to assemble a list of individuals with approval to access or maintain SSNs as well as a list of electronic systems that store SSNs."

I am writing to let you know that for units that have day to day technical support provided by ATLAS, the ATLAS zone manager assigned to your unit will arrange for the following:

  1. All desktops that reside on campus and are supported by ATLAS will be scanned remotely and the results of the scans will be provided to the pertinent office personnel. ATLAS will work with you to address any data files that need to be removed, changed or centralized.
  2. If you have laptops or desktops off campus you have the following options:
    • Work with the CITES Help Desk and run the SSN detection programs individually and forward the results to your respective business office.

      [Note: see the FAQ - How do we run the scan ourselves? -joe grohens]

    • Schedule an appointment with ATLAS Technical Support to bring in your computer so we can run the SSN detection program for you, results will be forwarded to your respective business office(s).

      [Note: Bring your machine in to Deb Stauffer. Deb will contact ATLAS, who can turn around your computer in 24-48 hrs.
      -joe grohens]

  3. All centralized network file spaces will be scanned and the results delivered to either the business office or the person responsible for the shared space. Owners of individual "home" directories will receive the results directly for forwarding on to their respective business office(s).

NOTICE: To more effectively scan computers, we ask that you leave your computers ON over the fall break (as per our normal policy). We plan to perform the bulk of the work next week for computers on campus. ATLAS staff will be performing several passes though your offices to verify that we have scanned every computer we have on our inventory.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or Bart Rossmann <> if you have any questions or concerns.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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