Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois


  • Surname Name Title Profile
    Newcomb Lori Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor Profile
    Wood Gillen Director of Sustainability Studies Initiative in the Humanities, Professor Profile
    Schaffner Spencer Associate Head, Associate Professor Profile
    Trilling Renée Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor Profile
    Rothberg Michael Head of the Department, Professor Profile
    Erickson Bruce Director of Programs in Professional Writing Profile
    Ivy Anna Undergraduate Academic Adviser Profile
    Davenport Stephen Associate Director of Creative Writing Profile
    Morley Elizabeth Director, Writer's WorkshopDirector, Writers Workshop; Director, U of Illinois Writing Project Profile
    Nardi Richard Associate Director of Rhetoric Profile
    Stanley Jodee Editor, 9th Letter; Director, Creative Writing Profile
    Ritter Kelly Director of the Undergraduate Rhetoric Program, Professor Profile
    Barnard Jovaughn Undergraduate Academic Adviser Profile