Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Carol Spindel

Lecturer of English, EUI, Center for African Studies, Title VI Centers Faculty Survey, and LAS Global Studies

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Selected Publications

Book Contributions

  • "tbd." Illinois Sampler: Teaching on the Prairie. 2014.


  • "Land Grant Livin'." Inside Higher Ed. 2010.

Website Articles

  • "Women’s Songs in Post-Crisis Côte d’Ivoire: Ask Gbagbo…." Afropop Blog. 1 Jan. 2012.
  • "One Village Votes (But Their Votes Were Thrown Out)." Global Voices. 1 Jan. 2011.


  • Rev. of The Horrible Gift of Freedom: Atlantic Slavery and the Representation of Emancipation Chronicle of Higher Education (2010):