Eric Darnell Pritchard

Assistant Professor of English


PhD, English (with distinction), University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A. Afro-American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A. English-Liberal Arts (magna cum laude), The Lincoln University, Pennsylvania


Queer of Color Film (English 325), Black Freedom Movement Rhetorics (English 380), Writing Studies I (English 505), Hip Hop Rhetorics (English 380)

Research Interests

Literacy; composition theory; rhetoric; community-based writing; qualitative research methods; historiography; African-American literature; LGBT literature; black feminism; queer theory; black queer studies; hip hop studies; race and masculinities; fashion and performance.


Writing Studies, African American Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Theory & Criticism, Teacher Training, Performance Studies

Distinctions / Awards

  • Lavender Rhetorics Book Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2018 (for Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy)
  • Advancement of Knowledge Award, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2018 (for Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy)
  • Outstanding Book Award, Conference on Community Writing, 2017 (for Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy)
  • Criticism and Interpretive Theory Faculty Fellowship, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016-2018
  • Inaugural "40 Under 40," The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, 2015
  • Lavender Rhetorics Article Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship, Conference on College Composition and Communication [article in Harvard Educational Review], 2014
  • James Weldon Johnson Visiting Scholar Fellowship, James Weldon Johnson Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Emory University, 2012-2013
  • Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and National Endowment for the Humanities, 2009-2010



  • Fashioning Lives: Black Queers and the Politics of Literacy. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2016.

Publication Photo

Book Contributions

  • "“As Proud of our Gayness, as We Are of Our Blackness”: Race-ing Sexual Rhetorics in the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays ." Sexual Rhetorics: Methods, Identities, Publics . Ed. Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes. New York: Routledge, 2015. 159-171.
  • Bibbs, Maria L., and Eric D. Pritchard. "Sista’ Outsider: Queer Women of Color and Hip Hop." Homegirls Make Some Noise: Hip Hop Feminism Anthology. Ed. Gwendolyn Pough, Elaine Richardson, Aisha Durham, and Rachel Raimist. Munroe, CA: Parker Publishing, 2007. 19-40.

Journal Articles

  • "Grace Jones, Afro Punk, and Other Fierce Provocations: An Introduction to "Sartorial Politics, Intersectionality, and Queer Worldmaking" ." QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking (Special Issue) 4.3 (2017): 1-11.
  • "Black Girls Queer (Re) Dress: Fashion as Literacy Performance in Pariah." QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Worldmaking (Special Issue) 4.3 (2017): 127-155.
  • ""Black Supernovas: Black Gay Designers as Critical Resource for Black Fashion Studies" ." The International Journal of Fashion Studies 4.1 (2017): 107-110.
  • "‘Like signposts on the road’: The Function of Literacy in Constructing Black Queer Ancestors." Literacy in Composition Studies 2.1 (2014): 29-53.
  • "For Colored Kids Who Committed Suicide, Our Outrage Isn’t Enough: Queer Youth of Color, Bullying, and the Discursive Limits of Identity and Safety." Harvard Educational Review 83.2 (2013): 320-345.
  • "Yearning to Be What We Might Have Been: Queering Black Male Feminism." Palimpsest: A Journal on Women, Gender, and the Black International 1.2 (2012): 179-199.
  • "This is Not an Empty-Headed Man in a Dress: Literacy Misused, Reread and Rewritten in Soulopoliz." Southern Communication Journal 74.3 (2009): 278-299.

Special Issues of a Journal

  • Sartorial Politics, Intersectionality, and Queer Worldmaking (Michigan State University Press). Spec. iss. of QED: A Journal of GLBTQ Worldmaking 4.3 (2017):


  • "Overalls: On Identity and Aspiration from Patrick Kelly's Fashion to Hip Hop." The Funambulist . Ed. Léopold Lambert. 2018. 32-37.
  • "Sagged Pants: Criminalization and Racialized Adornment." The Funambulist. Ed. Léopold Lambert. 2016.
  • "Fashioning Empire." Public Books. Ed. Sharon Marcus. 2015.
  • "Who Gets to Make a Social Fashion Statement?." ('Ebony Magazine' Online). 2015.
  • "Pathways to Diversity: Social Justice and the Multiplicity of Identities." Conversations on Diversity: Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) . 2008. <>.


  • ""The Black Sartorial as " Tradition and Provocation ": Review of "Black Dandy" ." Rev. of Black Dandy, A Political Beauty (Film) Visual Anthropology 30 (2017): 166-169.
  • Rev. of "Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion"ARTFORUM International May 2016: 160.

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