Jordan Sellers

Instructor, Graduate Student of English


M.A. English, Old Dominion University, 2005, B.A. English, Roanoke College, 2003

Teaching Interests

The Romantic Era, The Victorian Era, The Gothic, 19th Century British Literature, Memoir and Autobiography, Visual Culture of the Romantic & Victorian Era, Student Activism


ENGL 207: Romantic Literature & Culture (FA 2016, SP 2011), ENGL 208: Victorian Literature and Culture (SP 2017, SP 2013, SP 2012), ENGL 115: Intro To English Literature (FA 2010, FA 2008), ENGL 109: Intro To Fiction (Advanced Composition; FA 2013, FA 2011), RHET 233: The Rhetoric of Student Activism ( Advanced Composition) FA 2018; SP2018; FA 2017; SP 2016), RHET 233: The Writing of Memory (Advanced Composition; FA 2013, SP 2011, FA 2010, SP 2010, FA 2009, SP 2009, FA 2008), RHET 105 (FA 2018, SP 2018, FA 2017,SP 2017, FA 2016, SP 2016, FA 2015), RHET 104 (SP 2010), RHET 102 (SP 2014, SP 2008), RHET 101 (FA 2007)

Office Hours

W 12:00-3:00 PM (FA 2018)


Geohistoricism: Preservation and the Histories of Place in Romantic Britain

Research Interests

The Romantic Era, The Victorian Era, Digital Humanities Collection Development, Metadata Development, Antiquarianism, Historical Maps, Basic Writing Instruction, Visual Culture

Work(s) in Progress

Pulp Fiction Corpus, a digital corpus of selected short stories, novels, and serialized fiction published in pulp magazines 1897-1939, 2015., Literary Language and Literary Prestige in the Long Nineteenth Century (A corpus of literary works reviewed by elite literary magazines), 2015., Illinois 19th-Century Corpus (1800-1923), a digital corpus of roughly 4000 volumes across genre, 2011-2012.


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