Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Feisal G. Mohamed

Professor of English, Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, and Title VI Centers Faculty Survey

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LLM (Illinois, 2012), PhD (Toronto, 2003), MA (Ottawa, 1999), BSc (Ottawa, 1997)

Research Interests

Feisal Mohamed specializes in seventeenth-century British literature, with especial emphasis on John Milton. His 2011 book, 'Milton and the Post-Secular Present,' brings Milton's pre-secular thought into dialogue with current debates on the sources of ethics and politics in a post-secular world; it has received the Milton Society of America's James Holly Hanford Award for a distinguished monograph. In his latest scholarship, he focuses on issues of political sovereignty and religious liberty. With the assistance of a Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship, he completed an LLM at the University of Illinois' College of Law focusing on First Amendment law, laws of war and terrorism, legal theory, and international criminal law. He is one of the project leaders of 'Cultures of Law in Global Contexts,' an interdisciplinary initiative in graduate studies supported by the Graduate College's INTERSECT program. In addition to academic venues, Mohamed writes regularly for Dissent Magazine, with several contributions since January 2011 on the Egyptian Revolution. He also maintains a blog for the Huffington Post and has contributed to the New York Times series 'The Stone.' Mohamed is the current Vice President of the Milton Society of America and is a Full Member of McGill University's Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR). See the links, Blog at The Huffington Post, Cultures of Law in Global Contexts, Twitter @FGMohamed

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Book Contributions

Edited Books

  • Mohamed, Feisal G., and Mary Nyquist. Milton and Questions of History: Essays by Canadians Past and Present. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012.

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Journal Articles

  • "Liberty Before and After Liberalism: Milton’s Shifting Politics and the Current Crisis in Liberal Theory." Special issue, “Milton in America.” Ed. Paul Stevens. University of Toronto Quarterly 77 (2008): 940-60.
  • "Reading Samson in the New American Century." Milton Studies 46 (2007): 149-64.
  • "Confronting Religious Violence: Milton’s Samson Agonistes." PMLA 120 (2005): 327-40.
  • "Renaissance Thought on the Celestial Hierarchy: The Decline of a Tradition?." Journal of the History of Ideas 65 (2004): 559-82.
  • "Poignancy as Human-Rights Aesthetic." Journal of Human Rights 9 (2010): 143-60.

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