Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Andrew Gaedtke

Assistant Professor of English

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PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2009; BA University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002


(115) Intro to British Literature, (213) Modernism and Modernity, (247) Doppelgangers, Doubles, and Divided Minds, (301) Critical Approaches to Literature, (442) British Literature Since 1930: Returns of the Repressed, (543) The Minds of Modernism, (578) Affect, Cognition, The Human

Research Interests

British and Irish Modernism, Contemporary Fiction, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Narratology, Disability, Medical Humanities, Media Theory, . --IPRH Prize for Faculty Research in the Humanities 2013, 2015 (Honorable Mention), 2016

Selected Publications


  • Modernism and the Machinery of Madness: Psychosis, Technology, and Narrative Worlds. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2017.

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Journal Articles

  • "Neuromodernism: Diagnosis and Disability in Will Self's *Umbrella*." Modern Fiction Studies 61.2 (2015): 271-294.
  • "'Prey to Communications': Samuel Beckett and the Simulation of Psychosis." Modernist Cultures 10.2 (2015): 227-249.
  • "Halluci-nation: Madness, Modernity, and Metaphoricity in *Midnight's Children*." Contemporary Literature 55.4 (2014): 701-725.
  • "Cognitive Investigations: The Problems of Qualia and Style in the Contemporary Neuronovel." NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 45.2 (2012): 184-201.
  • "From Transmissions of Madness to Machines of Writing: Mina Loy's Insel as Clinical Fantasy." jml: Journal of Modern Literature 32.1 (2008): 143-162.


  • "The Paradox of 'British Modernism'." Rev. of Americanizing Britain: The Rise of Modernism in the Age of the Entertainment Empire, by Genevieve Abravanel. Modernist Cultures 11.2 (2016): 293-297.
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