Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Lecturers & Instructors Directory

Baron, Iryce Senior Instructor
Camargo, Sandy Senior Lecturer
Claborn, John Lecturer
Cottingham, Mary Rose Senior Instructor
Dickison, Carrie Instructor, Graduate Student
Dullea, Dennis Senior Instructor
Emmert, Ashley Lecturer
Gilmore, Shawn Lecturer
Grohens, Joseph Senior Instructor
Hapke, Gail Senior Instructor
Hays, Mary LucilleSenior Instructor
Hechler, William Senior Lecturer
Holguin, Marilyn Instructor
Kelly, Daniel Senior Instructor
Larsen, Linda FifieldSenior Instructor
Lindsey, Mary Senior Instructor
McGuire, Lee Lecturer
Mesnard, Natalie ALecturer
Minicucci, Matthew Lecturer
Morris, David Lecturer
Moss, Andrew Lecturer
Odom, Michael Senior Instructor
Price, Julie PSenior Lecturer
Quintana-Wulf, Isabel Lecturer
Ricketts, Scott Lecturer
Rubins, John Senior Lecturer
Runkle, Stephen Senior Lecturer
Sanders, Ted Senior Lecturer
Sheets, Diana EResearch Scholar
Slobodnik, Sydney Senior Instructor
Spindel, Carol Lecturer
Weber, Rebecca Lecturer
Wilcox, Kirstin Director of Internships and Senior Lecturer
Wilson, Gregory Researcher in the Social Sciences, Visiting Lecturer of African American Studies, and Instructor