Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Dr. Lisa Marie Cacho

Associate Professor of English, Asian American Studies, Latina/Latino Studies, and Gender and Women's Studies

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Selected Publications


  • Cacho, Lisa M. Social Death: Racialized Rightlessness and the Criminalization of the Unprotected. New York: New York University Press, 2012.

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Book Contributions

  • Molina-Guzmán, Isabel, and Lisa M. Cacho. "Mapping Intersectional Feminist Media Studies." Routledge Companion to Media and Gender. Ed. Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, and Lisa McLaughlin. London and New York: Routledge, 2014. 71-80.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "Gang Members, Juvenile Delinquency, and Direct Democracy." Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism. Ed. John Betancur and Cedric Herring. Leiden, The Netherlands: Koninklijke Brill NV, 2012. 259-270.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "Racialized Hauntings of the Devalued Dead." Strange Affinities: The Sexual and Gender Politics of Comparative Racialization. Ed. Grace K. Hong and Roderick A. Ferguson. Durham: Duke University Press, 2011. 25-52.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "The Rights of Respectability: Ambivalent Allies, Reluctant Rivals, and Disavowed Deviants." Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship. Ed. Rachel I. Buff. New York: New York University Press, 2008. 190-206.

Journal Articles

  • Cacho, Lisa M. "The Presumption of White Innocence (Part of Forum: Whiteness Redux or Redefined?)." American Quarterly 66.4 (2014): 1085-90.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "‘If I turn into a boy, I don’t think I want huevos’: Reassessing Racial Masculinities in What Night Brings." GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 18.1 (2012): 71-85.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "But Some of Us Are Wise: Academic Illegitimacy and the Affective Value of Ethnic Studies." The Black Scholar 40.4 (2010): 28-36.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "'You Just Don't Know How Much He Meant': Death, Deviancy, and Devaluation." Latino Studies 5.2 (2007): 182-208.
  • Cacho, Lisa M. "'The People of California Are Suffering’: The Ideology of White Injury in Discourses of Immigration." Cultural Values 4.4 (2000): 389-418.