Lori Humphrey Newcomb

Associate Professor of English


Ph.D. (English), Duke University; B.A. (British Studies), Yale University

Research Interests

Early modern prose fiction and drama; popular print culture; theories of representation, performance, and difference


Drama, Fiction, Film/Visual Culture, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Seventeenth Century, Sixteenth Century, Performance Studies, Theory & Criticism, Women's Literature

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  • Reading Popular Romance in Early Modern England. NY: Columbia University Press, 2002.

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Book Contributions

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Journal Articles

  • "Literary Restoration: Francis Kirkman and the Canons of Pre-War Drama and Romance." Analytic and Enumerative Bibliography 12.3-4 (2001): 229-40.
  • "Social Things: The Production of Popular Culture in the Reception of Robert Greene's Pandosto." ELH 61.4 (1994): 753-81.

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