Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Tim Newcomb

Associate Head, Professor of English

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Selected Publications


  • Wallace Stevens and Literary Canons. Jackson: UP of Mississippi, 1992.
  • Would Poetry Disappear?: American Verse and the Crisis of Modernity. Columbus: Ohio State UP, 2004.

Journal Articles

  • "The Footprint of the Twentieth Century: American Skyscrapers and Modernist Poems." Modernism/Modernity 10 (2003): 97-125.
  • "The Housetop Sea: Cityscape Verse and the Rise of Modern American Poetry." American Literature 76 (2004): 275-306.
  • "Poetry’s Opening Door: Harriet Monroe and American Modernism." American Periodicals 15 (2005): 6-23.