Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Instructions for Using the ATLAS Department Directory


The ATLAS Department Directory is a tool for publishing information about individuals and programs in the Department of English. Directory information that appears online is pulled from a database maintained by individual members of the department and, in some instances, the Associate Head. Members of the department are encouraged to keep their directory information current.



To update and maintain a profile in the directory, begin by clicking over to "Forms" (at left) and selecting the "ATLAS Directory." After being prompted for your AD Login and Password, add content to the following areas of the database:


User Profile: User Information

  • on the first "Edit User Information" page, upload a photo
  • edit the field "WebSite URL" if you want your profile to link to an external website
  • note that the ability to "Upload a CV or Resume" is inactive on the "My User Profile" tab


User Profile: Additional Information

  • these database fields are inactive; information entered here under such fields as "Biography" and "Research Description" will not appear on your department profile


User Profile: User Publications

  • to add new publications, scroll down to "Add Publication" and begin by selecting a publication type
  • begin entering information about each publication
  • note that your name will need to be added as the or an author for each publication
  • note that a publication photo (such as an image of a book cover) can be added
  • when you are done entering information about a publication, click the "insert" button at the bottom of the page
  • to edit information about existing publications listed in the database, click "edit" to the left of each publication
  • note that the order that entries appear on your profile page can be changed using the up-and-down arrows (in gray) to the left of each listed publication in your list


User Profile: Area Affiliations

  • click "edit" to the left of your area affiliation (English, in this case)
  • scroll down, and under "Edit Area Affiliation" enter information into fields such as "education," "teaching interests," etc.
  • you will see a field for adding information about "office hours"
  • note that the field labeled " specialty" is used by faculty to indicate affiliations with our listed "Faculty by Areas of Specialty"; to add a speciality, be sure to list it exactly as it appears on the "Faculty by Areas of Specialty" page (so "African American Studies" not "African-American Studies" or "Medieval" not "Medieval Literature")