Careers in Secondary Education

Students interested in teaching English in the public school system, grades 6 - 12, need to be aware that advanced planning is crucial. Certification to teach can be gained by completing a minor in Secondary Education offered through the College of Education by application only. After completing a variety of prerequisites, students apply in February of their sophomore year to start the minor in their junior year. The minor is a two-year program and cannot be shortened; thus, students applying to the minor in their junior year must expect to complete a fifth year of undergraduate course work. For the most current information about Secondary Education please visit the Secondary Education Programs Wiki.

Students who are accepted into the minor program are then switched to the Teaching of English track (or English Teaching Concentration) and work through a modified English literature curriculum while completing a variety of curriculum and instruction courses. The spring term of senior year is reserved for student teaching which means all coursework must be completed in seven semesters (and summers if necessary). Due to the complexity of course sequencing and scheduling, students interested in this option need to seek advising early and often through both advising offices.

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