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Career Information

Careers for English/Creative Writing Majors

Please come by the advising office for help in career planning. Additionally, stop by the Career Center at 715 S. Wright Street.

Would you like to earn course credit in conjunction with an internship?

Factsheet for BTW 290 by Bruce Erickson, Director of the Program in Professional Writing

Are you interested in a career in publishing?

See our handout on Careers in Publishing.

Are you looking for a job or internship?

Check out the Career Center's Recommended Job & Internship Resources.

Would you like to get career advice from successful English department alumni?

Consider joining the Alumni Mentoring Network, an email network of English department alumni who have agreed to correspond with current undergraduates engaging in professional development. Join the network to learn more about the many ways in which English and Creative Writing degrees can be put to good use.

Please remember that career planning is a process: the sooner you start, the better. If you need help, please see an English department advisor.