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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing major (formerly known as the Rhetoric major) at the University of Illinois is one of the oldest of its kind in the country. Now in its sixth decade, the major combines small workshops (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) and a variety of literature courses. The result is a strong but flexible program of study that develops students' analytical and creative skills and prepares them for work or graduate study in any number of fields. Over the years, the program has produced many successful writers, but it is in the give-and-take of the workshop, in the nurturance of all of the writers who take part, that success is measured.

Creative Writing Major Requirement Worksheet (pre-Fall 2015)

Creative Writing Major Requirement Worksheet (Fall 2015 and beyond)

Comparison Chart for Old and New Requirements

Please note: students matriculating Fall 2015 or later are subject to a revised set of major requirements. Those who matriculated before Fall 2015 can opt in to the new requirements but are not required to do so. Creative Writing majors may use the worksheets above to compare the old and new requirements or consult an English department advisor. If you would like to move into the new requirements you may email with a brief note to that effect (be sure to include your full name and UIN).

Degree title: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Hours: Minimum required core and supporting course work normally equates to 36 hours; this includes 15 hours of creative writing course work and 15 hours of literature course work, plus a 2- course Western Civilization sequence.

General education: The LAS General Education requirements are set up so students automatically complete the Campus General Education requirements.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

For more on creative writing news and events, visit the U of Illinois Creative Writing Program website.