Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which Rhetoric class am I supposed to take?
    • Rhetoric placements are guided by ACT score. See the Courses page (or the Transfer page if you are a Trasnfer student) for information on placements. If you are still confused, contact Tim Leyhe.
  • I am an English Language Learner; what Rhetoric class should I take?
    • International students and English language learners are placed according to TOEFL and English Placement Test scores. If you are unsure about your placement, please contact Tim Leyhe.
  • There are no open sections of Rhetoric; how can I get into a class?
    • Unfortunately, we do NOT over-enroll any sections of Rhetoric. This is to protect the integrity of the learning process. Please continue to check sections for open seats during the open enrollment period. Similarly, we do NOT authorize late add requests.
  • What is the absence policy in my course?
    • First, review the Rhetoric departmental absence policy indicated in your course syllabus. Next, familiarize yourself with the Classroom Attendance policy outlined in the Student Code of Conduct: Article 5, Part 1.
  • What do I do if I have a question about my grade?
    • First, contact your instructor. Many conflicts can be resolved simply by asking (in person, if possible). If conflicts cannot be solved, then contact the Associate Director of Rhetoric.
  • What do I do if I am accused of plagiarism?
    • Academic Integrity cases are guided by the Student Code of conduct. First, familiarize yourself with the relevant sections of the student code: Article 1, Part 4. Then, contact your instructor. If the case has moved beyond that point, you can contact the Associate Director of Rhetoric about your case.


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