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At the Undergraduate Rhetoric Conference, students share research and projects undertaken in their Rhetoric courses. The conference takes place each semester, including speaking presentations and a poster session.



Preparing Your Presentation

Poster Workshops for Fall 2014 Rhetoric Conference Participants

If you are presenting a poster, you are strongly encouraged to attend one of three scheduled poster workshops, held in room 314 in the main library. You do not need to have finished your research to attend a workshop! These hour-long workshops will help you with designing your research poster. The three workshops are scheduled as follows:

Monday, 11/17/14, 10-11 AM in Main Library 314

Tuesday, 11/18/14, 4-5 PM in Main Library 314

Thursday, 11/20/14, 2-3 PM in Main Library 314

Preparing Your Poster Presentation

"How to Create a Successful Research Poster"
(from the UIUC Library)

Preparing Your Speaking Presentation

"Conference Papers and Presentations"
(from the DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning)

"Presenting the Conference Paper"
(from the Purdue Online Writing Lab)

"Desigining an Effective Powerpoint"
(from the Purdue Online Writing Lab)

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