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At the Undergraduate Rhetoric Conference, students share research and projects undertaken in their Rhetoric courses. The conference takes place each semester, including speaking presentations and a poster session.



Preparing Your Presentation

Poster Workshop for Rhetoric Conference Participants

Details on Fall 2014 Poster Workshops are coming soon.

Preparing Your Poster Presentation

"How to Create a Successful Research Poster"
(from the UIUC Library)

Preparing Your Speaking Presentation

"Conference Papers and Presentations"
(from the DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning)

"Presenting the Conference Paper"
(from the Purdue Online Writing Lab)

"Desigining an Effective Powerpoint"
(from the Purdue Online Writing Lab)

Illinois Undergraduate Rhetoric Conference
294 English Building * 608 S. Wright St * Urbana, IL 61801 * uiucrhetconference@gmail.com