Department of English, College of LAS, University of Illinois

Undergraduate Rhetoric Program

Policy on Academic Integrity

The Rhetoric Program follows the university policy on reporting any violation of academic integrity. Instructors will begin the process by contacting the Associate Director of the Rhetoric Program to initiate Academic Integrity procedures. Any initial allegation of plagiarism must be in writing to students, who should be informed of their right to respond within a specified time period. If meeting with the student on this issue, a third party (the Associate Director, usually) must be present. A second letter of decision must also be sent, followed by a second time period for appeal. Once a case of academic integrity has been opened, both the dean of the student’s college and the Senate Committee on Student Discipline will be notified of the case by the Rhetoric Office. Academic integrity documents are maintained in the student’s college file for six years. See the University Code of Student Conduct for Academic Integrity, Article 1, Part 4.

For further information, contact Richard Nardi, Associate Director, Undergraduate Rhetoric Program.