Completing the PhD

Candidates in Stage III who have accumulated 32 hours of Dissertation Credit, but have not yet completed their dissertation, need not continue to register unless they choose to do so. Candidates who have completed residence requirements may register in absentia. Students who have reached the limit of their time in the program may not register.

In the semester in which students not currently registered finish their dissertation, they must petition the Department and the Graduate College for permission to re-register (if they have time left). Such petitions are usually granted. Students with no time left must apply to the Department and the Graduate College to be re-admitted before they can re-register. This can be done at the time when the Dissertation Defense is set or at least six weeks before depositing. It is typical to grant such permission but it is not guaranteed.

All students must be registered in the semester in which they defend their dissertations.

If more than one year elapses between the student's final examination and the deposit of the dissertation in the Graduate College, the dissertation must be accompanied by a signed petition and statement from the executive officer of the student's department to the Dean of the Graduate College.

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