Appointment and Retention of Teaching Assistants

Decisions concerning the appointment and retention of teaching assistants are made jointly by:

  1. the Director of Freshman Rhetoric,
  2. the Director of Business and Technical Writing, and
  3. the Associate Head.

Students in Stage I of graduate work (candidates for the MA) are eligible to hold one-third time assistantships during their first year in the program. If by their second year they have completed four units of course work in residence, and are in good standing as teachers and students, they are eligible to hold two-thirds time assistantships. Students in Stages II and III who are in good standing are eligible to hold two-thirds time assistantships.

Since money for financial aid is limited, the Department will use such resources as it has to support students whose academic performance gives the best promise of future achievement in scholarship and teaching. Financial aid in the form of assistantships may be withheld or reduced or even terminated for such academic reasons as these: grade-point average markedly below the average of the community of students (3.5 on a 4.0 scale is the minimum average for holding a two-thirds time appointment; students with an average below 3.0 are not considered to be "in good standing"); as many as two EX grades outstanding at contract-signing time; failure to complete the allowable minimum number of units per semester; other circumstances that make it impossible to complete academic work.

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