Just what is this "EGSA" of which we speak?

We're your official liason to the department. In other words, we're the folks who
organize the venue and then speak to the department on issues relating to faculty hiring, the course assignment system, graduate student representation on department committees, and other such professional stuff. We also organize social events like potlucks and the occasional happy hour.

For more information about our role, check out our mission statement. Want to know who's representing you on department committees? Browse through our committee pages.

If you're new to the department or to C-U, the resources section holds the answers to some of your burning questions, and our list of links will lead you to other important places on the web.

Finally, if you have further questions, or have comments or suggestions, just click on "Contact EGSA" to find out how to reach us.

Thanks for stopping by! And remember—we're here to help.

Yer ever-lovin' EGSA


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