The English Department Placement Service

The English graduate program offers a Placement Service designed to meet the needs of graduates seeking college teaching jobs. Job Placement Directors help our graduates, both MAs and PhDs, to create effective dossiers.  They route job notices to candidates (with the help of the Placement Service), coordinate efforts by faculty to help job-seekers, give advice about letters of recommendation and interviewing, arrange mock interview sessions prior to the annual Modern Language Association Convention in December, and in all other ways help our graduates in their job search. The Placement Service distributes job announcements, sends out dossiers on request, and serves as a general information center about academic job openings.


Graduate Career Services Center

Students seeking non-academic positions may get help from the Graduate Career Services Center (204 Coble Hall). Graduate student services at the Career Services Center consist of :

  1. assistance in assessment for non-academic job searches;
  2. assistance in planning job search strategies (including the writing of resumes and application letters, and preparation and practice for placement interviews);
  3. assistance in identifying and researching job and career opportunities;
  4. maintenance of a credentials file; and
  5. special programs and workshops on alternative careers.

In the past few years a significant minority of UIUC humanities and social science graduate degree holders have sought non-teaching careers. The Graduate Career Services Center has helped such students to win jobs in editing and publishing, marketing, sales, banking, corporate communications, public relations and advertising, government service, and other areas, often in M.B.A.-level positions.

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