Planning Your Coursework

Balance Your Schedule

We advise our majors to construct a balanced schedule — 1-2 major courses; 1-2 general education courses; 1-2 double major, minor, or elective courses — each semester. If the goal is to graduate in four years, we recommend taking 15 hours (each semester), or 4-6 courses (each semester), to stay on track.

Here are the types of courses English majors need to balance (allocate among eight semesters):

Courses Credit Hours
General Education Courses: 10 courses at 3-4 credit hours each 30-35
English major courses: 12 courses at 3 credit hours each 36
Western Civilization courses: 2 courses at 3 hours each 6
TOTAL 72-77
Credit hours needed for degree 120
Hours allocated to ELECTIVES 43-48 credit hours

The electives can be used in various ways: for exploration; for second majors; for minors; for coursework to enhance the major; for professional development; or just for pleasure and interest.

199 Courses

Any English (ENGL) course numbered 199 is an Open Undergraduate Seminar, and within this category you will find some interesting and unusual options, including career development courses designed specifically for humanities majors. Be sure to click on this course number in the class schedules available through Course Explorer to find out what's being offered as a 199 in a given semester.

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