We are excited you are thinking about studying in Urbana-Champaign to successfully build upon your understanding of the creation, reception, meaning(s), and/or teaching of wonderful literary texts.

One of the coolest things about studying English in Urbana-Champaign:

According to Illinois Success,
of the English majors & the Creative Writing majors graduating in 2015–2016,

  • 83% were employed.

We like to think these things (below) contribute to this relatively-high percentage:

  • you — our students relish the subject matter of the courses they take, digging deep into stories (as well as poems) and the people who produced/consumed them
  • faculty who craft their love of stories, poems, and scholarship into enthusiastic classroom experiences
  • our student groups and the activities they construct/sponsor
  • a relatively-small average class size — 21 students to 1 faculty member — that affords greater attention to individuals
  • the guidance — academic and career — offered by our dedicated advising staff
  • our alumni — who (collectively) create opportunities, share of their time and themselves, and support our majors financially through awards and scholarships




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