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At the Undergraduate Rhetoric Conference, students share research and projects undertaken in their Rhetoric 101, 102, and 105 courses. The annual conference features speaking presentations and a poster session.

Instructors volunteer to judge sessions and join faculty, staff, and other students who come out to support rhetoric students and their research. The conference’s supportive atmosphere affords rhetoric students an opportunity to gain professional conference experience, receive feedback on their work, develop their résumés, and win prizes.

A group presentation using a slideshow

Fall 2016 Conference Winners

  • Sadie Potvin—First Prize Winner, Spoken Presentation
  • Annie Xia—Honorable Mention, Spoken Presentation
  • Nalin Gadihoke—Honorable Mention, Spoken Presentation
  • Iaroslav Ekimtcov—Honorable Mention, Spoken Presentation
  • Haley Inyart—First Prize Winner, Poster Presentation
  • Zifan Feng—Honorable Mention, Poster Presentation

A presenter explaining her poster content

Previous Rhetoric Conference Winners


  • First Place, Speaker: Dana Kirsch, "How Factory Farming is Affecting You and Your Future"
  • Second Place, Speaker: Briana Banks, "Gone Too Soon: Body Cameras and the Prevention of Racially-Motivated Violence"
  • First Place, Poster: Ashley Yu, "Why is Free Trade Beneficial to the U.S. and Its People?"
  • Second Place, Poster: Shail Aamir, "Physician Assisted Suicide in the United States""

Spring 2015

  • Best Speaker: John Carter, "Engineering vs. Physics: The Struggle in Physics Education at UIUC"
  • Best Poster: Dy'min Davis, "Time for a Change"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Xinyu Jiang, Xiaohan Zhou, Sijia Huo, and Chun-yuan Mo, "How to Improve the Existing Energy Utilization Condition"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Brittany Welch, "Academically Oriented Community Programs: The Solution to Improving the Subjective Quality of Life of the Impoverished"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Lisa Zhao, "Asian International Students: Mental Stress is Serious"

Fall 2014

  • Best Speaker: Ziqin Xiong, "Correlations between Cultural Identity and Career Choices of Asian International Students"
  • Best Poster: Mario Ledesma, "The Relationship between Universities and Minorities"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Shreya Nagesh, "Reasons Behind Shortcomings Of The Sex Offenders Registration and Notification Act"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Alisa Wolter, "Why Do We Like to Listen to Sad Music?”

Spring 2014

  • Distinguished Presentation, Poster: Ariana Adelman, "How Students Choose Their College Majors"
  • Distinguished Presentation, Poster: Dabita Okoye, "Color Blindness Theory Leads to White Privilege"
  • Distinguished Presentation, Speaker: Chiao-Wei Hsia, "Strengthening the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling"
  • Distinguished Presentation, Speaker: Ming Hong, "Males in Nursing Occupation"

Fall 2013

  • First Place, Speaker: Meridith Bradford, "Equality for Collegiate Wheelchair Athletes"
  • First Place, Poster: Rachel Banoff, "Unlocking UIUC's Potential with Environmental Education Requirements"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Daniel Bonucci, "The Limits of Liberty"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Zhong Shen Zeng, "The Evolution of Reasons for Chinese Students to Study in the United States"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Sidney Smith, "The Effect of Cultural Differences and Language Barriers on International Chinese Students in the United States"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Brenna Wagner, "Technological Life"

Fall 2012

  • Overall Conference Winner (Speaker Presentation): Minwook Kim, Heejung Ahn, Jason Sternburg, and Ben Shields, "Student Nutrition"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Kevin Erning, Carol Gu, Hai Hu, and Jazmyn Lopez, "Examining the Applications of the Broken Window Theory at the University of Illinois"
  • Honorable Mention, Speaker: Alexis Gould, "Greek Life and Diversity at UIUC"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Deidre Murphy and Kenda Davis, "Building an Inclusive Community"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Anqi Wang, Yuta Saito, and Yu-Ting Lin, "Dining for a Better Experience: Analyzing from a Business Perspective"
  • Honorable Mention, Poster: Kristine Moss, Josh Arneson, and Chong Han, "Waste Not, Want Not: A Look at the University of Illinois' Dining Hall Policies"

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