Re:Search—the Undergraduate Literary Criticism Journal at the University of Illinois

Re:Search is an online literary-criticism journal composed and published yearly by undergraduate students with the support of the English Department, the Provost's Office of Undergraduate Research, and the University Library.

The journal, which debuted in May 2014, can be accessed through the undergraduate journal portal in the UIUC Library’s Scholarly Commons.

Re:Search offers a venue for undergraduate students to publish and share literary criticism with a wider academic community.

Participating students gain experience in revising scholarly writing for publication and/or in working on an editorial board.

Students also enjoy the opportunity to work closely with undergraduate peers, library staff, and a faculty mentor.

The cover of issue # 3 of Re:Search

Students interested in joining the initiative should write to the journal's Executive Board at Further details are available at the journal's microsite at

An organizational meeting for what would become Re:Search

image: planning meeting for the Undergraduate Literary Criticism Journal


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