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If you are a non-UIUC student thinking of transferring into the English department, please feel free to contact us (the English advisors) for more information about our majors in English and Creative Writing. We welcome the chance to meet with you and go over program requirements, talk about career planning, and share tips on how you can smooth the transition from one institution to another.

  • For information about how to apply to UIUC, please click here.

Transfer students generally have less time to complete major requirements than students entering the majors as freshmen. Most transfer students have only four semesters to complete any Composition I, general education, or language courses they may need, plus major courses and advanced courses beyond the major. For a better experience in the major and more flexibility, potential transfer students are advised to have the following transferable course requirements met BEFORE they enter the U of I:

  1. Composition I (additional information below)
  2. Language Other Than English
  3. All general education courses (except non-western or U.S. minority cultures)
  4. Western Civilization sequence (see English major checklist for choices)
  5. Introductory course and/or surveys of English literature (ENGL 200, 209, 255)
  6. Introductory creative writing courses if major is Creative Writing


Composition I

Students who completed a 3-credit-hour composition course at their previous college might be entitled to take RHET 233 (Principles of Composition) to simultaneously complete the 4-hour Composition I requirement and satisfy the Advanced Composition (ACP) requirement. Please contact our office if you have questions about your options.


Language Other Than English (LOTE)

Students who have not either completed 4 years of one language other than English in high school or up through the fourth level in college or completed the third level in two different languages will need to complete this requirement. A placement exam may be necessary to find out where to begin. See the "Placement & Proficiency" webpage for more information:

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